EB Designs Website not accessible

Elf Bar Website Update - Inaccessible From American Browsers

Most vape-users and smoke shop owners have heard of the infamous Elf Bar disposable e-cigarette brand, owned by Shenzhen Weiboli Technology. People clearly love their e-liquid flavors and quality vaping devices. However, Elf Bar ran into trademark issues that led to a court order demanding they change their name in the U.S. and cease sales.

Elf Bar Website Unavailable to Americans

Elf Bar's website is no longer accessible by anyone visiting from an American web browser. This is because the disposable vape superpower infringed on another company's trademark (VPR Brands) and has faced great scrutiny from the FDA. If you try to visit their site in the America, a message is provided stating "Elf Bar is currently unavailable in the USA." This makes verifying for authenticity extremely difficult and has created a lot of confusion. Fortunately, you can still access that familiar reliability, flavor and airflow from the official Elf Bar company.

New Elf Bar USA Name - EB Designs

Elf Bar is now called EB Designs in America. The device and flavors are exactly the same as before, but with new branding. Fortunately, EB Design single-use electronic cigarettes are not being produced by counterfeiters yet to the best of everyone's knowledge. The vape community is hopeful that Elf Bar, AKA EB Designs, will provide e-cig verification resources before bad actors start trying to mislead the public with fake Elf vaping products

Where to Buy EB Designs Elf Bar

E-cigarette stores have already started selling EB Designs disposable vapor delivery systems. For example, you can still purchase Elf Bar's nicotine free vape pen from reputable online companies.

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