are you dependant on nicotine?

What is Nicotine Addiction?

Nicotine addiction may occur after using tobacco cigarettes, vaporizers and other nicotine-containing products. Although the majority of nicotine users want to quit, only 6% are able to do so every year. 

What is Nicotine Dependence?

The root cause of nicotine dependence is the chemical's ability to increase dopamine levels. It may cause mild euphoria, but the effects are short-lived. Dopamine is at the core of all addiction. Additionally, smoking cigarettes may increase MAO, an essential compound for breaking down dopamine in the brain. Animal research has shown that acetaldehyde, a chemical from tobacco smoke, may enhance the reinforcing properties of nicotine.

Consumers of nicotine constantly need more. This may lead to nicotine health risks, including lung cancer and other issues depending on the form of ingestion. Nicotine increases the chances of cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal issues and respiratory complications. 

Understanding Nicotine Withdrawal 

Nicotine withdrawal is a result of someone becoming accustomed to having the substance in their body. Vaping and smoking allows nicotine to enter the lungs and bloodstream very quickly, providing immediate results and a higher risk of dependence. Eliminating nicotine from one’s body may result in anxiety, irritability, depression, lack of focus, and decreased appetite.

Oral Fixation Alternatives

Many claim that the hardest part about quitting nicotine that is vaped or smoked comes from oral fixation. 

Medications, including anti-depressants and NRT (nicotine replacement therapy) have been the go-to solutions for dropping the nicotine habit. However, these resources do not address the oral fixation of vaporizers and cigarettes. New products have surfaced to help people address their hand to mouth habit, including smokeless inhalers, nicotine free vaping systems and breathing exercisers. Fume ZERO, Deathrow Vapes and other top disposable e-cigarette companies are now offering nicotine free options to their customers. 

Addiction to Nicotine Conclusion

The low success rate for people trying to quit nicotine demonstrates its highly addictive nature. Fortunately, there are innovative solutions emerging to help people attain a nicotine free life. Explore vapes without nicotine for that familiar hand to mouth ritual, minus addictive substance. 

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