Preventing Underage Vaping Policy

The use of e-cigarette devices by minors has become a serious problem. Companies are not implementing proper youth preventative measures. Nic Free Vape Pens applies strategies to prevent underage vaping. Our company utilizes an age checking software to ensure no person under the age of 21 can make purchases on this website. 

Other Vape Websites Sell To Minors

Most vape sites implement a basic popup asking people to confirm that they over 21 to purchase. This does not work for obvious reasons. It allows underage visitors to simply lie about their age and buy vapor delivery systems. Many of these companies are writing content about youth prevention to mislead search engines and consumers into thinking that they are ethical, but the business does not actually use age confirmation software. 

Nic Free Vape Pens Youth Prevention

Nic Free Vape Pens has incorporated age checker, which requires a clear picture of the customer alongside their photo ID. If a company does not use this age checking software, they are surely providing minors with electronic cigarettes.

Although Nic Free Vape Pens incurs additional costs for youth vaping prevention software, our top priority is doing the right thing and keeping e-cigarettes away from minors. Support an online disposable vape store that puts people over profits when you choose Nic Free Vape pens.