Zero Nicotine Vaporizers Frequently Asked Questions

Do e-cigarettes have nicotine?

The majority of disposable electronic cigarettes and replaceable pod devices contain high concentrations of salt nicotine, averaging around 5% (50mg) in a typical product. Zero nicotine (0%) vaping systems offer a nicotine free alternative for those who wish to engage in their vaping ritual, but without the addictive chemical. Mods are vaping systems that require manual e-juice filling, leaving the nicotine strength up to consumers to decide.

Is non nicotine vaping safe?

Vaping without nicotine is not necessarily safe or harmless. Inhaling any kind of super heated liquid into the lungs may cause vasoconstriction, hardened arteries, shortness of breath, and many other related issues. The benefit of using no-nicotine e-cigarettes is its absence of the addictive compound that leads users to dependency. There are non-electric products and nicotine alternatives that don't negatively impact the body or lungs. However, 0% disposable vape pens are often used as a bridge to satisfy the oral fixation and make quitting 'nic' that much easier. 

Are 0% nicotine vapes really nicotine free?

Typically, e-cigarettes that claim 0% nicotine are being truthful. However, many companies are using tobacco alternatives to derive nicotine. You may have seen the word "synthetic" nicotine before. These products are still highly addictive, but they don't contain tobacco. Make sure your getting a product without nicotine AND tobacco. 

What's the healthiest vape?

There's really no such thing as healthy vape pen. If you're inhaling vapor into the lungs, it's not optimal. Determining which product is healthiest would require extensive clinical research over a long period of time. This hasn't been done in any capacity. If you are looking for healthier alternatives, try an inhaler that doesn't produce vapor to satisfy oral fixations without compromising the lungs. 

Can you buy zero nicotine vapes under 21?

NO. The legal vaping age stands regardless of nicotine concentration. This is for good reason, considering that underage people should not be inhaling super heated e-liquid into their bodies. 

Is 0% nicotine vape healthier?

Healthier isn't the right word here. There's no evidence showing that vaping without nicotine is safe. However, they are certainly less addictive and a great bridge to dropping the habit. 

What can I replace vaping with?

Smokeless inhalers satisfy the e-cig ritual and oral habit without actually inhaling any vapor. Additionally, there are certain substances that act on the same receptors as nicotine. These compounds have the potential to ease your journey to becoming less dependent on the vaping nicotine. 

What's the most unhealthy vape?

There is no way of determining which vape is most deleterious to one's health. Inhaling anything into the lungs is risky. However, there are a few e-cig ingredients to avoid if you're striving to be more health conscious. Nicotine for its addictive properties. Propylene glycol can be toxic when heated and inhaled. 

Is vape worse than smoking?

According to Andrew Huberman's nicotine overview, smoking is more damaging due to the carcinogens. However, vaping nicotine is far more addictive and increases dopamine more than smoking. Vaporizers are also more efficient and discreet, making them easier to access. To summarize, smoking is worse than vaping, but inhaling nicotine-based vapor is more dependence-causing. 

What is worse than vaping?

Studies show that smoking is more carcinogenic than vaping, but less addictive. 

Can your lungs heal from vaping?

Fortunately, the body is resilient and has the ability to heal from a lot of abuse. However, you have a chance of healing faster with certain supplements that may support lung and heart health. For example, medicinal mushrooms, such as cordyceps, have been shown to increase VO2 MAX (your body's ability to take in oxygen during activity). V02 max is one of the greatest indicators of life span and heart health. Additionally, certain breathing techniques and physical activities can support your journey to becoming healthier.