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Mahalo Bar - Kava Disposable Vape

Mahalo Bar - Kava Disposable Vape

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Mahalo Bar kava disposable vape contains 750mg of kavalactones and all natural ingredients. Experience the soothing and relaxing effects of kava in a high quality disposable e-cigarette device. Mahalo Bar contains NO chemicals, nicotine or additives. The water soluble formulation provides maximum bioavailability for optimal kava effects. 

Kava Drink VS Kava Vape

You can now enjoy the benefits of kava without drinking it. Long-term oral ingestion of kava is reported to cause potential side effects, including liver damage and gastrointestinal discomfort. Fortunately, these risks are eliminated when using the plant in a vaporizer instead of swallowing it. 

What is Kava?

Kava, or as scientists call it, piper methysticum, is said to promote feelings of relaxation and contentment. Studies show that kava kava may be an effective treatment for anxiety and sleep disorders. A compound called kavalactones is responsible for kava’s effects. When consumed orally and swallowed, kava may pose certain health risks, including liver damage. Vaping kava instead of digesting it prevents the typical side effects of this plant. However, no research has been conducted on consuming piper methysticum in vapor form. Kava and alcohol are both central nervous system depressants, making the crop a great alternative to drinking liquor, beer or wine. Research shows that kava may help treat generalized anxiety disorder. 


  • Total Kavalactones: 750mg
  • Purity: No propylene glycol or chemicals. 100% natural


Mahalo Bar one-use vape pen is ready to use immediately after opening the package. Simply inhale from the mouthpiece and enjoy pure kava vapor.

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