Disposable Vape Warnings

Disposable e-cigarette regulations have become stricter. However, these ready-to-use vaping products are still available for purchase. One-use vaporizers are not meant to be refilled or re-used. They’re pre-charged and pre-infused with vape juice. Here we share the potential risks of using disposable vape devices without nicotine and how to mitigate them. This information is essential for anyone who plans to use these vapor delivery systems.

What are Zero Nicotine Disposable E-Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes were originally created to help people quit actual cigarettes. Unfortunately, the convenience and discreetness encouraged underage vaping. Vaping is the process of heating and aerosolizing e-liquid, which turns the "juice" into vapor for inhalation. More recently, nicotine free disposables have hit the market for those who wish to vape without addictive chemicals. However, vaping without nicotine still comes with drawbacks that you should become familiar with.

Chemicals in Vapes

Even without nicotine, most vapes contain synthetic chemicals that are proven by science to be harmful. For example, the dangers of inhaling and heating propylene glycol, a common e-cigarette ingredient, are well recorded. The heating process creates 18 additional chemicals with carcinogenic (cancer-causing) properties. If you’re going to vape, consider trying a chemical-free electronic cigarette. We have an entire article about vaping without nicotine drawbacks, which highlights synthetic ingredients in e-cigarettes. 

Disposables are NOT Refillable

For those wanting to extend the use of their disposable vaping device, heed these warnings. Trying to fill a disposable may result in leakage of the e-liquid, which can cause damage to one’s skin or eyes. Additionally, refilling can cause the battery to malfunction, resulting in serious injury. The liquid can also become contaminated during the filling process. Finally, it goes against the intent of approved usage. This may lead to legal repercussions.

Vape Explosion

Although it’s very rare, there have been instances of vapes exploding. Here are some warning signs that your e-big might blow up! If your vaporizer presents any of the following concerns, stop using it immediately and consider reaching out to a professional.

  • If the vape feels hot, it might be a hazard. The actual hardware is not meant to heat up
  • Be cautious if the vape is making strange noises
  • Sometimes a device will release a strange smell if it’s malfunctioning
  • If the device is smoking, take action immediately. This is a bad sign

Understanding Disposable E-Cigarette Potential Dangers

All vape-users should become familiar with these disposable e-cigarette risks before purchasing or using these products. Most online vaporizer companies only highlight the pros of vaping. Nic Free Vape Pens is fully transparent and puts customer safety above everything else.